Dissecting Tech – Page 3

The lighting in the room changed as the three tables lit up. Walking over to the nearest one, Alexander could see what looked like a strange computer interface. Iconic imagery scattered around the glowing desk came into focus.

“Welcome Alexander Wood.” A disembodied male voice said filling the chamber.

Hearing the words, his body instantly felt heavy, as though the blood was being drained from his legs, and Alexander fell into the nearby chair. It was just a sign of shock, and not the tingling feeling that he had felt before, but it was no less disconcerting. His head continued to dart around the room, distracted sometimes by the pulsing lights on the desk now in front of him.

The voice continued, and with each word, the tension rose. “Please look at the monitor at the front of the bridge.”

The entire front section, near another desk in the room lit up. It looked similar to a large, convex computer screen, but it wasn’t convex, it was actually projecting a three dimensional image. A strange black horseshoe looking picture spun around slowly.

Alexander had seen some interesting technology talked about online and in magazines, but he had never seen anything similar to the complexity of the technology that could project a three dimensional image three feet off the floor and spanning over six feet in width and height from no visible source.

The logo faded out, and the face of an older Caucasian man appeared. The image reminded Alexander of his own grandfather, with his bald head, strict eyes, and thick eyebrows.

Moving to the front chair, Alexander sat right in front of the military uniform looking torso of the hologram, and it seemed to adjust where it was looking, and locked its eyes on him, sending a chill down Alexander’s spine.

“I am General Richards, and the ship you are in is the Resurrection.” The tone of the room changed, as the hum became louder. Beyond the hologram, Alexander could see out beyond the ship to the alley. The ship was still slanted, but he didn’t feel like he was sitting in a room that was slanted. He pushed the chair back slightly and it moved freely as though he was in a flat and level room.

The view started to change and the ship lurched up and straightened itself out. Alexander could make out some lights reflecting off of the building across the street from his own. Emergency vehicles were coming.

“This ship was sent back from the year twenty-three thirty-nine. The U.N.A. recently found records relating to your exploits. You are meant to have this ship because according to the proof we have in our timeline, you having this ship lead to the future I live in.”

Slightly giggling at the ridiculousness of the story, Alexander looked around as though someone was going to jump out and scream “surprise!”

The General continued, “I understand your skepticism. This isn’t a joke or a trick. The ship is now invisible to the entire spectrum of light and radiation. Do with this ship as you please. You will find everything you need in the records stored within the computer. If you have any questions, ask the computer.”

The hologram vanished as quickly as it appeared. The room felt darker to Alexander, and the hum of the ship, while louder now, was constant. Looking out in front of him, he could still see the alley, but he was now above the top of his building. Looking down, the transparency followed him, and he could see through the ship. His feet looked as though they were dangling off the chair above a hole that was a few hundred feet off the ground. A fire truck was below, as well as two police cars. A sensation of vertigo hit him and he quickly looked back up and in front of him.

“Can I not see through the ship please?” He asked the empty room.

“Acknowledged.” Chimed back a female voice, and the walls of the ship where he was looking were a dull metal once again.

Smiling Alexander could only think to say one thing, “Amazing…”

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