Canada Day 2012

Yesterday, I had my second Canada Day in downtown Ottawa. The last time was many years ago with Sabine. This time, I went early and caught a few snaps of things being set-up. This was great because it wasn’t too crowded yet, nor was it too hot.

I wasn’t really in a photography mood, so I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally would have.

I met up with Tom and Tracey to have brunch, before walking around a bit more to see other areas that were set-up. We ran into Brad of B.goods Bakery (he makes good cookies).

Then after a bit more running around, we returned back home and slowly set-up for an evening of hanging out, eating, and of course fireworks.

I don’t mind socializing in small groups, but when there are around twenty people, and several conversations going, and I don’t really know anyone, that makes me feel a bit awkward. Thankfully, my apartment was only ten feet away, and I was able to escape a few times.

By nine o’clock, half of the people had left, and I rejoined the group. There was some more talking, a bit more eating and drinking, and then it was time to prepare to go see the fireworks.

I remember Ottawa’s Canada Day fireworks being a bit more powerful and long, but I think I’m mixing it with a fireworks light show I saw in Hull one time.

I tried my hand at taking photos of fireworks again this year, and while the vista wasn’t as nice as the open water of last year in Brockville, I was able to snap a few nice shots. I’m definitely getting better at manual focusing, but unfortunately, I think my camera is slowly dying.

All in all, it was a great evening.

A little embarrassing when Tracey decided to let everyone know that I was looking to potentially be set-up. But it was dark enough that no one could really see how red my cheeks were. And I’m fairly open minded, as the people that were left at that point could potentially know someone that could fit me well, so I remain open minded about the whole thing.

As usual, if you want to see my photos, check out my Flickr page. I’ve created a Canada Day Ottawa 2012 set to make things easy.

4 responses to “Canada Day 2012”

  1. Sorry, Dude! It was the wine talking! But, now that you’ve blogged about it….
    Anyone who might have let it slip out of their libation fogged brain last night will now be reminded to keep an eye put for that special PYT to submit for your approval !
    *quietly chuckling next door*

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