Summer Heat

The first heatwave of the summer here in Ottawa is hopefully coming to a close. I ordered, received and installed an air conditioner at exactly the right time. I don’t do well in high heat, and I definitely couldn’t work on the computer that raises room temperature by a degree or two when the temperature reaches into the forties.

Hopefully, this summer won’t continue to be crazy hot, and I’ll be able to explore and enjoy Ottawa some more.

If it is going to continue, at least I’ve finally got some kind of climate control that will let me get through the season. I’m just more of a Srping/Fall kind of person, and wish I lived somewhere without humidex or wind-chill.

2 responses to “Summer Heat”

  1. Yeah humidex sucks, but I’ll still take this of the minus 35 or lower temperatures we get in the winter.

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