Living in Ottawa

I’ve been meaning to post more about my experiences living in Ottawa, but I’ve been way too busy to really “live” here yet. Between all the events I’m doing with friends and around the city, working at my new job, client work, and more, I haven’t even had much time to unpack, and really explore where I live.

I have to admit that day to day, I’m much happier here than I was in either Brockville or Walkerton, just in terms of being able to access a live, vibrant city with like-minded people, but I still haven’t really settled in yet, and I can’t wait for that final exhale where I feel like I belong.

My apartment is pretty bare. I’ve had a chance to go to the Ikea and I think I need a huge truck to buy all my accents, organizers and whatnot from there. I need to buy some more furniture. But it will all come as I get more money coming in and manage it better.

I finally cooked up my first meal in my apartment. I had bacon, eggs and toast. It was great, though cleaning up the messes I made wasn’t as much fun.

My apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, nor on-site laundry, which aren’t deal breakers yet, but they are annoyances and detractors from what is otherwise a nice, out of the way spot to live.

I am hoping in June to slow down a bit, and take some more time to really settle in and then in July, really get back to being a busy photographer, event attendee, and making new friends.

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