Scream All You Want

So, Tom and his friends are putting together a web video horror series called Scream All You Want. Originally they were going to do a two camera set-up and I offered up my camera to use as the secondary camera because it has the same sensor as their primary one.

Then they decided the logistics and editing for a two camera set-up wasn’t worth their time, and I ended up being asked to help with behind the scenes content. Last night was my first time capturing any content for them, and I snagged some pictures of the actors practicing as well as some small video clips for Tom to use as he wants.

I really enjoyed helping out, and it looks like for the next month SAYW is going to take up a fair bit of my time. I am hoping that by the end, they’ll have a great deal of content to give to their fans and supporters.

I have also been asked to act in a very small scene. I used to love acting and I have no problem being in front of the camera. I assumed it was a non-speaking part, but apparently, I have two or three lines. I won’t say any more than that about it.

Anyways, I hope you’ll all follow the project, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Watching some of the actors last night, I was completely blown away by their ability.

One response to “Scream All You Want”

  1. WOW! This is so great. Sounds like you’re loving it! Maybe I’ll be able to say, ” I knew you when!!!”

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