Job Hunting

So, I’ve started hunting for my next career opportunity. Things have been a bit crazy at my current job, and unless things turn around, they can’t afford to keep me on beyond the early fall. I’m hoping that things will indeed turn around, but it has definitely pushed me back into thinking about what I want to do with my career.

Spending eight hours a day wondering if my job is really going to last to the fall is not my idea of fun, and with only one major project on the table for me to focus my attention on, I’m not feeling as useful as I usually am.

I’ve been applying to jobs all over Canada. As much as I would love to live in Ottawa, it sometimes feels like an impossibility due to my lack of French language skills (something I would love to change, given the opportunity).

I have had a few job interviews already, and have a few more lined up. I’ve been focusing on jobs I know I would enjoy and be good at but that would also challenge my skills. Some of the opportunities that I’ve been given the opportunity to interview for are super exciting to me, and as much as I would hate to leave CMG, it seems I made a good choice in checking out what’s available with my current skill set and experience.

I owe the CMG team a lot though, and the opportunity I’ve had at the job has only made me more confident in my skills and abilities and allowed me to really take ownership in how things are done, and I haven’t had that control for a few years now.

Everything being up in the air feels really strange to me. I turn thirty this year, and I’m ready to pick a city and company and really stay the course and settle in. I would like some roots, local friends, and social options beyond what is available in front of a computer screen, so here’s hoping.

If you know of any open positions that you think would fit my background and skills, please let me know. I’m definitely interested in focusing on Online Marketing, Social Media, Community Management, Search Engine Optimization and all the focuses and niches surrounding those choices.

3 responses to “Job Hunting”

  1. If I don’t get put on a five week french course through work this spring, I’m probably going to be taking a french course at Algonquin. You are more than welcome to join me

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