Reddit Super Power Post

So a while back, I read this Reddit post that asked, which of the following super powers would you pick?

A.You can freeze time for an hour every day. If you don’t use all of the hour that day you can use it the next day and so on until the end of each week. If you didn’t use it until Saturday you would have 7 hours.

B.Live inside a minecraft-esque world. You can travel to this world by opening any door and thinking about it. Every day spent in here is one hour in the real world. For 3 years in this world you can edit any aspect of it according to your desires. Create trees that grow tasty beverages or fill it with replica cities and cars. Your options are limitless. The only rules are that you can take nothing out of this world and can only invite 10 different people in. After the three years you can no longer change the world.

C.The power to travel into any tv show/movie/game you want and interact with the characters scenery like it were a real world. When you come out everything will be back to normal. If you die while in the tv you will be fine.

D.A “ring of knowledge” That gives you the ability to absorb all knowledge from any book you touch for 3 years. After this period of time the ring breaks but you keep all knowledge.

E.A block of chocolate containing 26 pieces that will make you immortal for 20 years. You’re invincible but don’t contain any sort of super strength.

F.You can rewind time an hour every day to redo any situation you want. Same rules as A.

G.A van that can travel anywhere in the known universe It’s always stocked with 5 types of munchies and 5 types of drinks and a Fear and loathing style suitcase full of drugs. It fits 7 people and always has a protective field a couple yards around it that lets you breathe and not be crushed by scary space rays.

H.Just by looking at a photo you can make it into a reality for 3 hours. You can never do the same exact items twice. It works with people as well. If you bring out a food and eat it within those 3 hours it won’t just disappear out of your stomach.

For me, the ring of knowledge is the most appealing. I’ve always pushed myself to learn new things, and I’m excited by the acquisition of knowledge and information. I could easily spend three years delving deep into thousands of book, wholly in the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge sake, testing my patience as I forgo utilizing the knowledge until my time was up.

The other options were fairly interesting to me, especially extending my life, and potentially the lives of my family or friends, or jumping into the reality of some of my favourite television shows, but at the end of the day, those things wouldn’t potentially make me as happy as being able to continue to expand my knowledge base and continue learning a bit about everything.

What would you pick and why?

2 responses to “Reddit Super Power Post”

  1. D is certainly the most desirable, knowledge is a powerful thing. If you take all these powers into account, they all came from somewhere. They originated somewhere, something created them. With the right knowledge you could recreate all these powers and even tweak them to remove the conditions. Immortality is something that Science is currently working on, with the ring of knowledge you could see what every scientist overlooked and see the point of view of every single person that thinks about the subject. it’s just about being able to touch that knowledge and guess what.
    The internet is at your fingers tips, we’re in an age of technology and information is nearly all virtualised. Assuming the ring has the power to absorb the knowledge of anything it touches. Imagine if you touched something that was connected to the internet? Every conspiracy, every answer that is known by someone in the world, you now know. Even the secrets kept away from you that people carelessly hide behind their firewalls and secure file infrastructures that eventually get cracked.
    You’d know all the codes anyway, since you touched the internet. What the internet knows, you know. You then proceed with books, articles and ancient objects that contain bits of knowledge that people may not already know about. You become the most powerful person in the world, the most intelligent and subsequently the most wealthy. This would all happen in weeks, you’d still have plenty of time to broaden your understanding of everything. The first thing I’d do it find out the key to immortality.
    Live much longer and discover more, I’d learn how to create a device that can replicate the properties of the ring and create a more permanent recreation. See, again. the ring came from somewhere, and whilst you can’t touch the ring to find out what made it, something out there must have the answer and even if you don’t find it. you have enough knowledge now to live a high life with limitless knowledge, money and power.
    Sure, this all sounds selfish and evil. But there’s good that can come from this, since your knowledge is limitless you will find the answer to global warming, jet propulsion, how to manipulate the properties of positive and negative matter so we can travel across the universe in seconds. Problems with finance and problems with fuel and energy would all be resolved. Terra forming other planets so that our civilization can expand and live through the end of this worlds life.
    There’s so much that you can do with knowledge, immortality and all other powers aren’t nearly as significant and all pretty selfish powers πŸ˜› Since they each only really benefit you. Where as knowledge, people in this world rely on the knowledge of others. For instance, I’ll never no one reading this could have invented the touch screen for smart phones. Or wouldn’t have known what you where looking at if you found fossil fuels before we knew what they could do. Hell, some might not have been overly keen to discover what it was capable of. So knowledge is not only hugely beneficial for yourself but it could potentially save the world. Because answers are crucial to survival and advancement.

    This was a bit more than an answer, rather a long explanation as to why it should most certainly be the most logical choice as oppose to anything else!

    Again, I myself would be tempted with the ability to stop time, but you must immediately consider. If that power is possible, then stopping time is possible?
    How is that possible “if only I knew” πŸ˜‰
    Ring of Knowledge? you’ve got three years to figure out how to make a weekend last forever rather than 7 hours!

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