Blogworld & New Media Expo New York 2012

For those interested in blogging and new media as a business endeavour, Blogworld and New Media Expo back in New York for the second time and registration is live. I would suggest buying early, as hotels will probably fill up fast.

Who attends this important event?

Content creators, broadcasters, forward-thinking brands, and best-in-class online publishing services.

Until the twenty-second of February, the cost for registration is only $147 for three days of sessions, and socializing. The conference is being held at the Jacob Javatis Convention Center from June 5th through the 7th.

Curious about who will be speaking? Already the list includes Chris Garrett, Robert Scoble, Jason Falls, Zac Johnson and more.

If I was certain about the future of the company I work for, I would be finding a way to attend this event, as I have a feeling that it will allow people to network in ways that e-mail, guest posts, and instant messaging just doesn’t allow.

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