Ranking and Personality

What if I told you that all you needed to do to rank better online was to express your inner personality?

You might think the idea crazy, but I truly believe that how you rank can be greatly effected by how people feel about you. There are many sites I’ve launched where the key factor in their popularity was not the content written, or the design, but instead it was the connections that the site developer made off of his or her own site.

If you created a site today, and asked your friends with websites to link to you, do you think they’d bat an eye at doing so? What if you spent more time making friends and contacts online that felt invested in your happiness and success?

I am not saying that we should all go out of our way to make contacts for selfish reasons, but I do feel that part of a successful website can easily be attributed to the personality of the person running it. If you are personable, social and enjoy engaging with other people, the time and effort to do so shouldn’t be seen as a negative or detraction from the success of your site, but instead an investment in your own happiness, success, and continued passion.

It is amazing, especially in the early days of a site’s life, how much help it can be to get links from contacts that you’ve made, and the justification in receiving the links can sometimes provide that extra boost of confidence and dedication, making the difference between a failed venture and a long term business.

So start talking, interacting, and thanking those around you. The benefits could be game changing.

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