Work Update

So, we’ve launched a new lottery in Chicago. I’m really excited about it and I think it will do really well. It has been a hugely stressful experience for me. I’ve only been working on campaigns that were put together before I started at the company, so this was a new experience for me.

Also, we are starting to develop some pretty amazing software to manage all the work we do, and that has been taking a fair bit of time and energy.

On top of that, I’ve been working on two campaigns at the same time, so I’ve been doing some pretty long hours as each campaign could easily take more than eight hours a day of my time.

It always astounds me how much work there is to be done. It never slows down, never gets easier, we are always working at maximum capacity or over capacity.

I’ve been joking around for a while now that I’m going to need to take some kind of vacation soon as this job has really worn down my batteries.

While I’m still passionate about many of the things we are doing, I’m so involved in so many things that I don’t get to do the tasks that I’m the best at, and that can be a bit disappointing.

The good news is that I’m coming up to my one year anniversary with the company, and that will mean a small raise, and be a nice milestone to have under my belt.

Every once and a while people ask me if I am willing or interested in some freelance work, but with an entire year working on average fifty hours a week, I don’t even work on my own projects as much as I should. I find that I just want to unwind after the stress of my job.

I really need to find some true balance at some point…

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