Weekend in Kingston

So this past weekend, I was in Kingston visiting my cousin, Mark. We had a great time going to Chilifest, seeing my cousin, Kyle, play football, walking around, watching movies and television shows, and taking pictures.

The weather was frosty, the wind was bitter cold, but all-in-all, it was a great time.

The first day that I arrived, Kyle had to play a game of football for his high school, and despite the rain and the bitter cold, Mark and I brought out our cameras to capture the action. We both cursed our lenses, and so did the other people trying to take pictures.

Chilifest was a bit of a disappointment, as there were only three good ones out of the dozen we tried. I got lucky in that the person in front of me had an extra bracelet, and I was able to get in for free. It was unexpected, but super nice.

My cousin started watching Doctor Who, which was kind of exciting. I didn’t realize how bad the first episode of the re-booted series was, but it got better quickly after that.

We walked around Kingston Mills Locks, and took some great pictures of the fall scenery. While it was a cold day, and no boats went through the locks, it was still worth going out and doing it, and I’m glad Mark thought of it.

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