Fifth Challenge in Writing Course

This challenge was one where we had to use the following elements in our scenes: a ringing phone, a sealed envelope, a unidentifiable sound, two men in orange sneakers, a rare bird, a broken clock.

John couldn’t believe his misfortune, there were only two sneakers left. Thankfully they were the right size for his father and himself. Putting them on and looking down, the edge of his perfectly ironed black trousers touched the tip of the orange sneakers. They were to protect his feet from anything that could fall, but they were almost offensive to look at.

“Can you believe these ugly things?” John said, cringing at the near glowing orange sneakers.

“I really like them.”

“Only you would.” John sighed as his father, Hank, began to shake the shoes around, pretending to model them. Since his retirement, he never took anything seriously.

Thankfully, as Hank was drawing a crowd, John’s phone rang. His custom ring tone filled the front entrance to the facility, but it was still only half as embarrassing as Hank strutting back and forth in front of the large window that made up the entrance.

John looked at his phone, and didn’t recognize the number. Covering his other ear to block out the laughter of the few people watching his father, John answered his phone. “Hello?”

“Johnny, I got in! I received a big, professional, sealed envelope that was hand delivered right to me today.”

John’s younger brother, Leonard, was a recognizable voice. “Slow down…” John could hear his brother take a deep breath, “what are you talking about?”

“You know that bird I was studying, the rare one from Africa? Well, my paper on it is going to be published. I thought it was odd receiving a delivery at six in the morning today, but the clock was broken, and then…”

John couldn’t understand many of the words coming from his younger brother’s mouth. The speed at which his speech was flowing from his lips was faster than he could process. It didn’t help that his father was becoming more distracting as he began dancing and singing about the orange safety shoes, much to everyone else’s enjoyment.

“That’s great, Leo.” John responded, knowing his brother hated being called that. “Dad and I are going into my work, and so we can celebrate when we are done here. He’s going to take a look at the strange noise that my detector picked up.”

Again, John could hear Leonard take a deep breath. It was like pausing for air would remove the excitement of his achievement. “The one that no one can figure out?”

“Yeah, he was given special permission because of his work with the military.”

“Well, make sure you tell him about my paper.” Leonard hung up before John could get another word in. No doubt he wanted to inform the world of his luck. John had never liked his little brother being more successful and recognizable than him.

4 responses to “Fifth Challenge in Writing Course”

  1. I do like the concept of a set bunch of things that have to appear in a story. I wonder what the others did. I bet it ranges!

    • It definitely did. It was interesting to see how people put items in their stories. In a previous single prompt one, someone got quack as a word they had to use, and decided to make it a “bad doctor” rather than a duck or a noise. It was really smart. 🙂

      Some people merged objects making a rare bird designed clock.

      Lots of fun. I might, in the future, work towards trying to use the prompts to write a scene in my overall novel (if it works well).

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