Second Challenge in Writing Course

My second prompt is the first bit of dialog in the story below. No other prompts to help me write.

“Are you done now? Have you had enough? It’s time to give up. And there’s nothing wrong with that.” The voice echoed off the walls of the skyscrapers, as the megaphone screeched off. The rioters looked at each other in shock. It was a brisk spring day, and water was dripping from their clothes.

The mob of people that had congregated at the steps of city hall, all turned to stare at the two riot police holding the fire hose before beginning to chant again. “We want access! We want access!”

A shiver flew down the officer’s spine as his boss waved a single finger in the air, prompting him to open the valve again.

A news crew, sitting off to the side of the horde of people, watched as a jet of water shot out from the hose once again. People tumbled over each other as they were pushed backwards from the extreme force and some, already injured, cried out in anguish. The small group that had congregated earlier in the week had exploded, and it felt like the whole city was up in arms.

Janice took her microphone and stood in front of the nearby camera. “Day ten of the response to the government blocking Internet content not made in Canada, and various law enforcement organizations are here, still trying to disperse the rioters.”

Stepping aside, the camera caught the laughter of the Chief of Police as he watched with enjoyment, various people slipping and sliding as they attempted to regain their footing.

Janice, still out of frame, hung her head in shame. “There is no word yet how many people have been hurt, but it looks like the response of unhappy citizens is just beginning.”

A loud explosion rang through the area, as the last few words of the reporter were drowned out. The camera watched as everyone ducked or scattered. A small group started leaping into the riot shields, and the police drew their weapons. Anarchy broke out in the streets.

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