Growing a Beard

So for a little over a month, I grew a beard. It had its ups and downs. The major upside being that I didn’t have to shave every day, but to make it look decent, there was still a fair bit of grooming involved. The main two reasons I decided to shave the darn thing was because if the hair got to any reasonable length, it started to curl, and no one around me thought it looked decent on me.

It was definitely a shock shaving it off though, as I’ve never let it grow so long for so long that it was almost like “who is that young guy looking back at me?”

I’ve always been in a rush to be older, wiser, and more respected, and I think trying the whole full on beard thing was an attempt to look older. Many of my peers in my job treat me as though I’m just out of school, and that’s always been a point of frustration to me as I’m used to being respected for my insights and experiences.

Will I attempt to grow my beard again? Maybe. It was definitely preferable to full-on shaving every day or two. Next time I grow a beard, I will of read all the best beard oils reviewed – Beardbro‘s in particular. I will have the wizard beard one day.

I took a bunch of pictures of me shaving that I hope to put up once I get some time. Some of them look pretty funny, so keep checking my Flickr page for updates.

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