What’s Up?

Well, I decided to take a month off from blogging, or rather, my life was such that I needed to take a month off writing and while many things have happened over the last four weeks, which I hope to go over in the coming days, I’m also gearing up for a writing course starting tomorrow, and each Tuesday night until December 6th.

The course is entitled, Power Novel Writing, and hopes to help us create a polished novel submission package (whatever that means). I don’t know how much the course will help me in my writing, but I hope to learn a few things, and potentially socialize a bit with people from Brockville that I don’t work with.

Other than that, I’ve been keeping busy with work, family, friends, entertainment, and more. Like I said, I hope to have posts updating everyone on everything in the coming days or weeks. Also, I hope to get back to a regular publishing schedule. One of my favourite things about writing in this blog is to look back at the first posts, and read them. It is amazing how many things I’ve already forgotten about. Sometimes, I wish I had a full chronicle of my life.

Did I mention that I took a month to grow a beard and then shaved it off yesterday? Yeah… pictures on Flickr or in the sidebar-thingy!

4 responses to “What’s Up?”

    • I think you were the only one that felt that way… I have some pics where I cleaned up the edges, I thought it looked pretty good. Sometimes though, when the light hit it and it looked brown/red, it kind of DID look fake though…

      Hope you are well. We have to catch up at some point!

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