Dawn of the Decline: Thoughts

So, I had planned on making this short story a bit longer, and more epic, but as I write, I start to lose the sense of purpose and emotional attachment I had with the characters, story, and my choice is to wrap it up quickly, or let it linger endlessly, potentially never completing it.

Overall, I wanted to create a crossover that would be more about displaying the savagery that is possible, even from “humanity”. We live in a crazy world now, and while it is possible that our world will look more like Star Trek in the next few hundred years, who is to say that humanity won’t be more like the Space Marines in forty-thousand years.

Society is changing quickly, and usually not in ways that people could have previously predicted. It is almost comical to read what society in the twenties, fifties, or even eighties assumed our lives would be like today.

I really enjoyed mashing up Star Trek and Warhammer 40,000, and a huge thanks goes to Barry, a close friend of mine, for the inspiration.

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