Almost Purchased a New Lens

So, during the weekend, I stopped off at Henry’s in Kingston and almost bought the Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS lens. It would have been nearly $1600 after tax and slapping a protective filter on the end of it, but because they were too slow to act on price matching a competitor in Ontario that had stock, I ended up leaving to go see Harry Potter, and never came back.

It didn’t look like they were going to price match because the advertised price at a competing store was less than they purchased the lens for, and so they were trying to tell me that if I bought the extended service protection plan, and a pro-level filter, they might be able to meet the price I was after, but that kind of ruined the price advantage.

I’m still drooling over the lens, and I can’t “really” afford it, but playing with it in the store definitely made my eyes pop out of their sockets. The images I took inside the store were so sharp and clean, it was amazing. Equipment can definitely help make an average photographer seem professional.

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