Dawn of the Decline: Page Five

Drake looked to find where the voice was coming from, but it felt as though it was all around him. His suit muffled none of the noises around him, letting him hone in on the most minute details. He could hear the collective heart beats, drumming readily in the bodies of the gold jump suit people in front of him. Their rifles honed in on his chest, but he felt confident they would be no more trouble than the last group he dispatched.

Being a sergeant, there was one thing James Drake no longer dealt with kindly, and that was having to repeat himself. “Send me back to my men, or die!”

The edges of his power sword moved wildly, and the noise rattled through the hallway. Drake could feel his personal force field leaning into the force field that the humans had placed as an attempt to stop him.

He heard the voice of a politician buzzing around him in every direction, “stand down, let’s discuss this. We didn’t bring you here.”

The words were meaningless. James started to move forward, and the yellow shirts began to fire their red beams of light at him. They illuminated his personal force field, but other than a slight push, they did nothing to stop his advance. Grabbing the nearest person, Drake tightened his grip, and watched as the biggest of the nearby people was quickly crushed.

James couldn’t understand how anyone could be so unarmored, but he quickly carried on, sweeping his blade across the hallway, removing torso from legs and crushing the one man that managed to duck out of the way. James’ armor pressed up into the ceiling, pushing it away, and his head was exposed to a metal tube with wires and circuitry. Everything felt so alien, and nothing made sense, but James could feel that he would prevail, and return to his forces. His leadership was not important, but standing by his men, and watching their backs as they watched his was what made his squad great. Pulling his head down from the rafters, a section of ceiling in front of him fell to the floor with it.

Drake moved forward through the corridor, and could see that it was coming to an end, but there was doors and a sign that said “Turbolift” next to them. Drake new what “turbo” and “lift” meant, and quickly deduced that it must be a multilevel vessel he was on. The doors opened, and were barely big enough for him to get through, a loud screeching and cracking reverberated through the deck as Drake stepped onto the turbolift.

Chiming in, a computerized voice calmly asked him his destination. Quick to answer, James knew exactly where he wanted to go, “Command.”

“I’m sorry, only senior officers and bridge crew can currently travel to the bridge.”

Drake’s instinct was to smash the frustrating machine, but he was able to hold his instincts in check as he quickly deduced another plan, “bring me to the engines.”

There was no response from the computer, but James could see lights blinking. Assuming they signified movement, he waited.

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