Magicka: A Video Game Review

So, the Steam summer sales are over, and while I was able to resist buying everything, I really wanted to try out Magicka. So I ended up buying a four pack, and gave a copy to Kyle, Mark, Brad and myself. We’ve played through the game, and with Mark and Kyle, I was able to beat it. I really enjoyed it. I’ve since gotten the expansion packs from a close friend (you know who you are) and have been enjoying those as well.

Magicka can be highly addictive, and while the more complex spells can get frustrating to pull off, muscle memory starts to kick in and it gets really exciting when you pull things off. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend buying it. It is an inexpensive game, though it can require a bit of computer horsepower (Dan, don’t buy this game to play it on crappy hardware).

There is also a versus mode and a challenge mode. Today, my cousin Mark and I finally beat the twenty stages of the challenge mode. The first time ever in my group of friends. I tried to get there with Kyle and with Brad, but no luck. We always died from silly mistakes.

While I don’t think the campaign has much if any replay value, the versus and challenge modes seem to be great fun, and should scratch the itch for an arcade style game here and there.

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