IT Plan Approved, Vetted and Other Weekend Work

So, it looks like the IT plan that I made for my job was not only approved, but also vetted by an outside firm. This means that it is solid, and despite being given the go-ahead to proceed on various points, I can now say that I can cross off creating the first corporate IT Plan from my list of important things to do. Next, I need to finish working on the budget and get that approved.

There is so much happening right now at work that I spent a large chunk of this weekend working, but I don’t feel too drained as I’ve been listening to some high energy music, eating poorly, and trying to keep my mood up by playing video games and writing when I feel a bit of burn out from work.

My boss, Dan, gave me a list of what he sees as priorities for me over the next few weeks, and I was able to e-mail him something regarding each one of his points. From action items to full on plans and guides.

I worked on further developing an online marketing plan which I started a while back, started planning out how the IT changeover for WCI will go, organized details on finding a programmer, including getting another interviewee lined up, wrote what could be the start of a business case document for expanding my IT team, and posted some details to find a freelancer to do some piecework that needs to be done.

It was a productive weekend, and I hope to have more time where I feel so clearheaded about what I need to do, and have the drive and focus to get it done to the best of my abilities.

Over the course of the weekend, I’d estimate I wrote over ten thousand words between work and personal.

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