OPPW: Week Three – 298.0lbs

So while I’m sitting here drinking some Sprite and enjoying a slice of pizza, I’m still pretty happy with how my week went. I ended up getting a fair bit of exercise and sun, eating pretty decently, and getting back on track for drinking low or zero calorie drinks. I need to work on increasing my water intake, but otherwise, I’m close to being back on track, and while I didn’t make it down as far as I was hoping, I’m still happy with how things are progressing.

This week, I started doing light weights again while I’m at the computer. This makes it easy for me to get a little bit of upper body strength built and hopefully keeps my metabolism a little higher than it would be if I was passively watching movies, or chatting with my cousin.

I started out with a twenty pound barbell and will go up from there. My goal for this week is to get to 297 pounds. With nothing but fruit and veggies in the fridge, I should be able to attain that goal, as long as I stay conscious of not only what I’m eating, but how much I’m eating. It is definitely hard sometimes to not gorge myself on the foods I enjoy.

Did I mention that I walked from my place to my bosses place outside the city? It was over seven kilometers and took me nearly two hours to do. It would have been faster, but I’m still very out of shape. I definitely got a great deal of satisfaction from being able to walk all the way there.

2 responses to “OPPW: Week Three – 298.0lbs”

    • Yeah, slowly but surely. I definitely enjoy the idea of being good as often as possible, with the extra pressure of meeting my weekly goal. I can still eat poorly sometimes, or be a bit lazy when it comes to exercise, and still lose weight. Best of all, I’ve been feeling more energetic and sometimes (not all the time) my mood is improved as well.

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