Hydroplane Flip

5 responses to “Hydroplane Flip”

  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!man thats sick, we miss you so i hope u r having fun at ur new place 🙂 :p love meilia
    Great shot David! Sounds like your day was a little like going to Wonderland…pay good money to wait around all day for a couple minutes of thrills and go home tired and sunburned …BUT this pic makes it all worth while 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. As for having fun… It has its moments. It is nice to be able to see my cousins and whatnot in an hour train ride, rather than six or seven hours of driving. Miss you too. 🙂

      As for the comparison to Wonderland, at least you get to feel the thrills. I just had to watch them (though I’m partially grateful for that… ) It definitely made the day worthwhile, and thanks to my crazy genetics, my light burn was turned into a nice dark tan by the next day.

  2. […] I love the warm and fuzzy feeling that I get seeing my name in print. This time around, I wasn’t asking anything for my work, as I want to keep doing photography as a hobby, and I didn’t have high hopes that any of my shots would get publicized in any way, but then, I had this weird feeling opening the EMC St. Lawrence, and on page 16, there was the photo that I captured of the recent hydroplane flip. […]

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