Sicker Than a Dog

So yeah, Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning, I was hugging the porcelain throne. Even today, my stomach still feels twitchy, and I was really hoping to feel back to normal by now. I was pretty close to giving up and going to the hospital in hopes of more help than I could give myself at home, but decided against it, knowing that it would take too long, and that they’d just give me more of what I was already taking.

I just hope to get back to normal soon. I hate being sick, but I prefer throwing up and healing up in a day or two over being sick for weeks on end.

2 responses to “Sicker Than a Dog”

  1. In my experience, if you show up at the hospital with a puke bucket in your hand they’ll see you right away to avoid a vomiting epidemic in the waiting room. Do it! You’ll feel so much better. When I had food poisoning in May, I went to emerg on day 4 and they loaded me up with stuff that was way, way better than what I could give myself at home. I was feeling better in 20 minutes. It was a miracle at that point.

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