IT Plan Approved

So, it looks like my IT Plan has been approved. I got approval today to send it off to a firm to get a once over from an independent organization to make sure I’m not doing anything crazy. I have a feeling they’ll probably want some numbers from me on how many employees we have and how much data we need to manage, as those weren’t listed in the plan, but overall, I hope to hear some positive things back soon on that front as well. I’m excited that the e-mail I received today wasn’t a long, detailed, laborious one with questions, concerns and comments, and in running into my bosses at the supermarket, I was met with a “good job” from the CEO of Winning Charities.

My bosses are already having me implement various aspects of the IT plan, which is both exciting and frightening. I have so many major projects going on right now, and my bosses seem excited about me making some sweeping changes on how IT is handled. Those changes would take time and planning, more with my current work load, so we will see how that flies. I want to make all my suggested changes as well, but I don’t want to make a mistake by rushing, and I want to give each major project my due diligence and proper focus.

I have to admit that the stress of my job is definitely starting to get to me a little bit. I don’t know if it is because of the changes I’ve been trying to force myself to make in my eating and drinking habits, or because I’m not good at setting work/life boundaries, or because of personal issues, but at the end of the day, I’m pretty exhausted. Yesterday, I crashed at around eight in the evening and slept through until seven this morning, a little more sleep than I normally get (I always get my 7-8 hours per night).

Next, I need to work on the IT Budget by getting details on what was spent last year, what I’ve spent so far this year, and what I will be spending the rest of this year, next year and 2013. I can’t wait…

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