Headphones at Work

Moving into the new office has basically meant that the only person with a real office is the CEO, and everyone else is in a shared space. I have some walls up that help reduce the noise, but there’s no door, and so I can hear everything happening outside of my area, and they can hear everything happening from within. I decided that I was going to get myself some headphones for work, and when my boss found out, he had me order them on his dime for everyone.

Without giving me any limit, or limiting me in any way, I decided to get the Steelseries 5H V2 headphones in white for everyone from NCIX. At just under $60 per unit, the headphones have the bonus of a retractable microphone, which should be great for Skype calls.

Today, we received the new headphones, and I’m already super impressed with them. They cut out pretty much all the noise in the office, are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and with the long cord, aren’t getting ripped off my head every time I peak out to make sure everything is still working.

Now if only other IT related things were working so effectively and arriving so quickly…

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