Getting a Drobo

So work is finally going to let me get a Drobo FS and five 1TB (1000GB) hard drives. Not only do I think it will be a great dummy-proof RAID NAS, but it is something I’ve always wanted. The Drobo will let me backup the network files, and thanks to the easy to understand LED’s on the drive, anyone can tell if there is something wrong, or when the device needs bigger drives.

I wish I could get a Drobo for myself, but I don’t really need one for my own stuff with online file storage solutions like Dropbox meeting my needs.

I haven’t ordered the Drobo yet, but by middle of March, I’ll have it and set it up for work. If anyone has any tips, tricks or advice, I’m interested.

For those that don’t know what a Drobo is…

7 responses to “Getting a Drobo”

  1. Congrats, Drobo’s are great – I’m ordering my second one in a week or two. Remember that the Drobo also needs to be backed up offside for safety.

    • Actually, the Drobo is the offsite backup for the other office, as well as our local store of files hosted on Dropbox.

      I’m thinking of going for 3x 2TB instead of 5x 1TB. Any thoughts on that?

  2. I say (with my extensive IT knowledge šŸ˜‰ go big or stay home…
    Hey David, awesome icicle pic, looks like a cool house. I sent you an email about the website, respond when you can please.

  3. I’d start with four 1 TB drives (2.72 GB storage) for now and add drives as they are needed. Storage is only going to get less expensive. Saving ~$50 now will buy 1.5 TB in a few months. šŸ˜‰

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