Samsung Galaxy S Update

So Bell got me a new phone, and it looks like I got one before they went on backorder which is doubly nice. There are many people on Facebook and on other messaging boards that are continuing to complain about the Samsung Galaxy S and its poor build quality, and I have to agree with them. The Bell Canada version of the Samsung Galaxy S, as amazing as it is in all other ways, is not built well.

Recently, while in Ottawa, I got to see what the Rogers model is like, and while it is slightly different, the build quality definitely feels slightly higher on that model, with less plastic, more metal, and some smarter design decisions.

Currently, I am having a new issue with my “new” phone. Sometimes the back button, a touch sensitive button, turns off and won’t work, and so I have to lock the phone, and unlock the phone before it works again. It is definitely a software issue, but I don’t know where it is coming from, and so can’t really repair it myself, and because it doesn’t happen all the time, it might be hard to replicate in front of a technician. I’m going to try a few things on my phone, including doing a factory reset to see if that fixes the problem, but to say I’m not happy with the bugs would be an understatement.

The phone can browse the web fast, the widgets and applications available are amazing. The amount of customization I can do to the phone is almost limitless, but then these issues just ruin that feeling of fun and power. I have a feeling that once my two years are up, I’ll probably do the hardware upgrade plan if it is available and get either whatever phone Google is promoting as their platform of choice, or the top contender from HTC, a manufacturer that doesn’t seem to be having the multitude of problems that Samsung is having.

It is really a shame to me as I’m a big fan of the Samsung brand otherwise. Their monitors are bar-none some of the best I’ve owned.

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