Password Protected Posts

It was never my intention to have so many posts password protected, but that just seems to be the only solution that makes sense in a world where everything you put online can usually be found and bite you in the behind. Thankfully, I am still getting what I wanted from this blogging experience, the chance to archive my life as well as my own form of counselling. I enjoy writing so much, and even more so when it just comes from my daily experiences.

Sometimes, I want to create even more passwords, or a system where I could invite individuals to read what I have to say if they were interested. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but sometimes, I still find that I don’t write something on here because I don’t want certain people to read it. I originally had only one password for password protected posts, now I have two. If I add more, how do I mark which posts potentially require which passwords?

This whole blog might be easier to manage if I wasn’t using Then I could set up user groups and permissions that are tied to categories, and get everyone their own account and when they are logged in, they could read posts that I want them to see. No trying various passwords, no confusion of what you can and can’t read.

I dunno, I really need to think it through. Sometimes, I just want to write for me, other times, it is in hopes that someone would lend me their shoulder to cry on, and other times, it is me planning, plotting and scheming with regards to how I want my life to be.

Either way, I want to make sure that I continue to feel that I’m able to write whatever I want, whenever I want without restriction or need to filter myself or I won’t get the same therapeutic result that I have been getting over the past several months.

One response to “Password Protected Posts”

  1. The solution I found years ago for myself was to just say what I was thinking and if it “bit me” now and then…meh. But I know that sort of blatant openness isn’t for everyone, and can make for some awkwardness now and then, heh.

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