A New Record: Broken Computer

So today at work, my computer broke. I’ve only had this job for two weeks, and while the computer they gave me was around three years old and only around $500 when they first bought it, I still feel really bad.

Thankfully, they are being really nice about it, and letting me order a new machine. One that will hopefully last me another three years. Also, I hope to salvage some parts from the broken machine to set aside for repairs, since I have a good idea that the problem was most likely motherboard related (I couldn’t even run a live CD environment before the computer would just shut down).

I feel like all I’ve done since I got here is spend money… You’d think it would be a fun feeling because it is not my money, but it isn’t. Especially since part of the reason I was hired was to save the company money.

2 responses to “A New Record: Broken Computer”

  1. Think of the money they would be spending trying to figure out what the heck was wrong rather than just know that the machine is dead.

    • I had to spend almost all day on it, which definitely costs the company… but it was definitely cheaper than having someone from the outsourced company come here and look at it, and I’m certain they would have come to the same conclusion.

      It still feels weird though…

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