E-mail From the Past

In 2005, I guess I signed up for Forbes’ e-mail time capsule and sent myself a message. I just received it today.

Well it is 8 days until your 28th birthday. As I write this, Sabine is currently washing dishes, and you are getting ready to get a head start on working for the Bloggy Network.

You are currently engaged and living with Sabine in a small apartment in Ottawa. Your computer runs at 1.8 Ghz, and you only have half a gig of ram. Your hard drive is 250 gigs and 120 gigs. Crazy world we live in. Hope you get this.

David of 2005

I think the most amusing part is that I spent a fair bit of the message discussing computer specifications. It is amazing both personally and technologically how much things have changed in the last five years.

2 responses to “E-mail From the Past”

  1. Cool! The funny part is you described the computer I’m using now 🙂 although my monitor’s a little more up to date thanks to you! Enjoy your weekend…I think next week will be much better for you.

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