Apartment Hunting

I’ve been looking for an apartment for the last few days now. Pretty much ever since I’ve confirmed that I am taking a new job in Brockville. I have to admit, Brockville apartments are definitely more pricey than I’m used to. The sticker shock won’t be as bad once I rid myself of my car, as I’ll be able to put money into having a decent apartment instead of running my quickly aging car.

It doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of phones. I am also hoping that I can potentially just find a room for rent in the right area, rather than renting a full apartment. Also, with the constricted schedule that I have to keep, it definitely has made things difficult. Most apartments I’ve contacted don’t have anything until December, a full month later than is acceptable for my situation.

Some people have suggested that I try to live with family in Kingston and commute. Others have suggested seeing what the rates would be to rent a motel room for a month. At the end of the day, I really would rather not move my stuff twice and commute nearly an hour each way, every week day. Also, motels are notoriously expensive and I need every penny if I’m going to afford the stupid “first and last” rent that most places require. I don’t think deposits should be an entire month’s rent.

Anyways, I am hopeful that I’ll find something soon. I have three leads currently that look promising. I’ve tasked a virtual assistant to help me follow up on some other potential places, and I am hoping to lock something down soon. I am super hopeful that I’ll find a room for rent, in the right area of the city, for under five hundred per month, inclusive.

I don’t need much space, and I’m a quiet person, so it is just about finding the right place, and conveying my personality. Besides, the cheaper I can make my life in Brockville, the better chance I’ll have to pay off my debts quickly, and figure other things out.

One response to “Apartment Hunting”

  1. I totally understand how stressful moving is! You are good at challenges so maybe you could see this as one. The best part is that the whole situation is temporary – by that I mean that the process has an end to it and before long you will be settled in and working away at your new job.
    I love you and I’m here for you if you need to vent!

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