Sick and in Pain

So for those that don’t read my Twitter updates, or my Facebook status messages, I wanted to let you know what’s been going on.

First off, I went to the dentist for my crown lengthening. Basically, they cut away at my gums and pushed them down so they can expose more tooth. Then he cleaned the tooth up, sutured the gums and sent me on my way. It was one of the most uncomfortable procedures I’ve been through, but thankfully not too painful.

The hard part was not coughing. I just started coming down with a pretty brutal feeling cold, so when he pushed down on my tongue to see the inner side of my gums to suture them up, he made me cough a few times because I couldn’t breath through my nose when he was pressing on my tongue (weird, eh?).

Anyways, I came in to work today, despite having pain in my mouth, chest, throat and head. Hopefully, I’ll get better soon. Unfortunately, work was stressful today, and so that hasn’t helped much. Also, I feel like I’ve drank a gallon of blood.

One response to “Sick and in Pain”

  1. At least the blood’s being recycled. 😉 Maybe you should take tomorrow off to rest. Stress means higher blood pressure, which slows healing.

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