WordPress Related Blog For Me?

I’ve been browsing around lately in hopes of finding a blog or two that would fulfill my interest in WordPress news. This used to be an easy endeavor, but with the increase in popularity, the topic has become too large for most blogs to continuously cover. I remember what this was like when I worked on Blogging Pro, but I still feel like there isn’t a blog out there covering WordPress effectively. It actually, makes me want to cover it again. I started thinking about it a few days ago. I have some WordPress related domains, I have knowledge of marketing, programming and theme development. I know a fair number of people from the “good old days” of WordPress, and I stay fairly current on the issues and successes of the software.

The question is twofold: would I do a good job and would anyone care? I suppose the second question is tied to the first, and it is less important, as I should be primarily be feeding my own need for WordPress information, but I enjoy things more when I do them for others.

I’ve had more than one person tell me that they’d like to see me write about WordPress again, and I’d probably have as much opinion based stuff as news, tutorials, interviews, etc… but that’s because I’m an opinionated person.

I think I might try to launch the blog in relative secret, write on it for a month or two to see if I can maintain it at a quality and publishing schedule that I’m comfortable and happy with before letting the masses know about it. That way, if I fail, it isn’t too public but if I succeed, then I have some seed content for people to go back and read upon wider launch.

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