Heading to Kingston and Brockville This Weekend

I have an interview at a company in Brockville this weekend, so I’m making the long journey east starting tonight. By the time I arrive at my cousin’s place in Kingston, it will most likely be eleven at night, but at least then I’ll be ready for a quick jaunt on Saturday to Brockville for my interview.

I don’t know exactly what position I am interviewing for, but the owner of the company as well as various staff in his company have all been great to me as clients for my freelancing business. I originally got the opportunity thanks to Danielle, a sibling of a friend of mine, and since then, I’ve had a steady stream of evening work to do.

I am looking forward to a quick visit with my family. I doubt I’ll get to see them much, as I’ll be heading back to Walkerton fairly early on Sunday, but a short visit is better than no visit.

I’ll write more about my trip, and the interview once it is all over, but if nothing else, it was a good reason to see my family.

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