Perfect Project Managers Make the Difference

At work today, I was very frustrated to find a document that I had worked hard on had been mangled by someone from another department. There were spelling and grammar mistakes, issues in spacing, and even the images were blurry and overly edited.

I was, to put it mildly, very upset over the whole thing. I didn’t see why I was asked to spend my time writing up the original document if it was only going to be ruined before being sent out to thousands of businesses.

I ended up e-mailing the project manager, and she quickly dealt with me in the nicest of ways. She made sure I understood that she heard my concerns, gave a reason why I wasn’t brought in to approve the final draft, and that she appreciated both my efforts and the importance I gave to the project.

It was as though she was inside my psyche and understood how to speak to me. I instantly felt like a silly child throwing a temper tantrum, and also felt very calm about what had transpired. Yes, it sucks when someone comes along and ruins something you built, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t a personal attack, there was no damage done, and it was done with the best of intentions.

Sometimes, I just want to feel like my concerns are being heard, and sometimes the right managers make all the difference. The tourism project manager has just been a godsend, both in dealing with my limited filter when it comes to my emotions, and in dealing with keeping everything on track. She knows how to deflate the emotion in an issue, and keep the various personalities in check.

I wish I had met more managers like her, and I hope to acquire some of those skills someday.

One response to “Perfect Project Managers Make the Difference”

  1. I completely understand where you are coming from on this one. I hate working on a project that is sent up to be checked over, and by the time I get it back it doesn’t even say what i wanted it to say at all.

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