Domains, Domains and More Domains

Now that I am getting rid of all of my client work, and only working on my day job as a Web Specialist, I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to do with my domain portfolio. I have nearly one hundred domains, and so many of them inspire great ideas in me, and are hard to let go. Some, I bought at a premium, others I came up with myself and registered. Oddly enough, between the start of August, and the end of October, nearly one third of all my domains will have to be renewed, and this would be at no small expense.

Do I let them lapse, or continue to renew them? Do I spend time trying to sell them for what I’ve put into them?

Then of course there is the issue that I am always coming up with new ideas, and new domains to go with them. Just the other day, I had an idea for a content site I’d love to create, one that would cater specifically to geeks like me. I came up with a domain name that could easily be branded, the subject matter, and even a few post ideas. I e-mailed it all to myself, and gave it a special marker so I would notice it.

Looking at it now, I almost want to delete it because as fun as the idea would be to develop, at the end of the day, I’ve never been able to make wide niche content sites profitable, and I’ve almost never been able to stick with a blog for a long time if it isn’t profitable.

What to do… what to do? Suggestions are always appreciated.

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