Concert: The Trews and Thornley

Andrea, one of the HR women from work, that pretty much mothers the entire staff, offered me a ticket to go see a concert in Hanover. It was the Trews and Thornley, two groups that I’ve heard a fair bit of music from, but never really made important enough in my mind to remember their name.

It ended up being a great concert, and I really appreciated being invited to go. I wouldn’t have went otherwise, and that’s a shame. The music was good, the stage performances weren’t all that great, but the night was cool, the crowd wasn’t too bad. The seats weren’t very comfortable, but at least there were seats, unlike other concerts I’ve been to.

I am still not a big fan of live music I can hear on the radio, but it was a great night.

Sidenote: I wasn’t allowed to bring in my camera because it is professional level equipment, so no pictures. That really was a bummer.

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