Falling Apart

Sometimes, when I feel crummy, my imagination takes over, and I start wondering if there is something larger wrong with me. Today, I have a headache, and I’ve had two or so headaches a week for the last few months now. Some are pretty intense, others aren’t so bad. I thought it was that my glasses prescription needed to be changed, and I did that, but I still have the same headaches. Could it be because of stress, eye strain, or something. Today, I feel nauseous and have a headache, and together it makes me wonder if I have something larger wrong with me.

Sabine has tried to get me to go to the Doctor before to get it checked out, but I hate Doctors, and would rather not go unless it causes more issues and interrupts my life in any real way. I really don’t know what to do though. I just wish my imagination wasn’t so good. I start believing that I have some kind of brain tumor or something.

One response to “Falling Apart”

  1. It could be a number of things or a combination of things. If you don’t want to go to the doctor, try to ensure you drink enough during the day and cut out the hard sugars, and caffine. It might help.
    If not, Jo a few years ago had a build up of fluid that was causing some problems. I know she was getting massive headacks and feeling nautious and dizzy but you’ll just have to go to the doctors to be sure about that. It was a pretty easy fix.
    And trust me I feel your pain about doctors. I’m pretty sure Jo would say I could be missing a limb and still have to be forced to go.

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