Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

There are few movies that really speak to me at this stage in my life, but Scott Pilgrim really ignited a sense of connection that I haven’t experienced in a very long time. While I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the overall style used to show the story, by the end of the movie, I would have bought a dozen copies of the DVD if they had it handy for me to purchase.

I was worried about the movie because of how they displayed certain things in the trailer, but the movie made no excuses for various plot points, and just took me on a really fun adventure.

It was easy for me to get engrossed in the movie, and it felt as though they had taken a piece of my brain, changed a few minor details and put it on the screen. I’ve always been a big fan of super powered people, the comic book ideal, and a geeky guy beating the odds. Scott Pilgrim vs the World offers all of this and more.

I definitely give this a five out of five in my book. I think most non-geeky people will give it a three out of five though due to how much it focuses on providing people of a certain group with a pleasing experience. I can definitely see this being the next cult classic for geeks, despite its Hollywood release.

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