Dentistry Update

So, I am only around $1200 away from having all the funds I need to be able to get my teeth fixed up. I am not sure how I’ll bridge the gap yet. I am still waiting to hear back from my benefits company on what will be covered and what won’t. Once I know that, I’ll be able to work out some kind of deal with my dentist, hopefully…

In the end, I need to get this dealt with and if I have to raise my credit card limit, or get another loan from the bank to do it, I will. The last thing I want is to be in constant pain, especially tooth pain.

The worst part about waiting is that I can feel little bits of food getting in the crack, and I don’t feel like brushing and whatnot is getting it all out. It is like a piece of popcorn that has got itself wedged in there good, and you can’t stop touching it with your tongue.

Here’s hoping that over the next month, I can get this all sorted out. I’ll keep updating this site about what ends up happening.

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