iPhone 4: Should I Really Get One?

I was just thinking about the life of minimalism that I would love to live, and also my hatred of phones. I am definitely a fan of having what basically is a computer in my pocket, especially one that is connected to the Internet, but do I really need to get an iPhone? Does it make sense for me to buy into a three year contract? Do I really want to pay between $60 and $100 per month for the privilege of having one?

I am still very hopeful that I can change my life for the better, and find a way to live even more minimally than I do now, in a life where I work for my own needs and nothing more. The opportunity to spend more of my free time on my hobbies, and working on things that I enjoy.

I want to live a happy life, and I am worried that buying into the fanatical smartphone frenzy is only further trapping myself in an endless cycle of useless consumerism, constantly paying for devices and services that I don’t really need.

How much would I use an iPhone? Would I be better off buying a new laptop in another year and getting a 3G stick one I unburden myself and do some travelling?

Currently, I have a cell phone through Koodo. It is a pretty low quality phone with little features. It is my home phone, as well as existing for emergencies if my car breaks down in the middle of no where. A few times a month, I am in situations where an Internet connected device would be of great usefulness, but do those few occurrences mean that I should buy into the iPhone craze? I am really not sure.

Up until a few minutes ago, I was sure I was going to buy one. I had a sense of self-entitlement. It is strange how wrapped up in an idea you can get. I am still not sure if I will or won’t buy one, but I do know that I should spend some serious time considering my options rather than just being another iPhone fan and buying whatever comes out on the market.

One response to “iPhone 4: Should I Really Get One?”

  1. Before I got an iPhone, I bought an iPod Touch to make sure that I would use it all the time, as I suspected I would, and for me, the impetus to get the iPhone was that while I was away camping, I had no Internet, and no one to back me up, so the ability to tether was a big selling point – and one that I still use regularly.

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