I was just watching Capitalism: A Love Story, not one of my favourite movies from Michael Moore, and something struck me: capitalism only works in locally contained markets.

One of the things that ruined the capitalist ideal is the fact that businesses could outsource to cheaper labour in less developed areas, getting supplies from cheaper places, and driving companies into decline.

If the USA was never allowed to outsource jobs, or buy parts and materials from outside of the USA, then Capitalism might have worked for a while longer as it would have been a bit more balanced. Businesses would have had to source local labour, local parts, local goods and services, and this could have stopped some of the super businesses from taking over as they have, and pushing out all other businesses.

If you constricted Capitalism even further to the state level, then I would hazard a guess that it could have potentially lasted even longer, as long as there was proper oversight and control put in place.

Now, it is too late. Big business has bought the government, and that will never change now that their hooks are in. Sorry Obama lovers… It doesn’t matter which President you have, nor does it matter which Prime Minister we have here in Canada.

Competing against the global market, outsourced jobs, outsourced goods and services is just impossible.

I am hopeful that we as a society will step up and once again make our government afraid of us, rather than being afraid of major corporations.

If you are reading this and think my rant is full of holes, well… that’s because it is really only half a thought. Just wanted to put it out there before I forgot it though.

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