Predators Review

So this weekend, I saw Predators, and while it was a fun movie, and rather well done, it also had the predictable horror thing where you knew who the survivors would be long before the end of the movie. The special effects were great, the cast did a reasonable job, and I think spiritually, it was a great sequel to the original movie (ignoring all others).

I think they would have done a better job if they had set the movie with a higher rating, allowing them to do more in terms of language and violence, but I still think it was worth seeing. Interestingly enough, at my showing there was less than twenty people, which just shows to me the issues with bringing back age old franchises like this.

If you haven’t seen Predators yet, I suggest just renting it when it comes out for rental. The big screen definitely helped some of the action sequences, but overall, I don’t think they did anything special to take advantage of the size that you’ll miss out on with a standard television in your living room.

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