Big Music Fest Owen Sound 2010

Rant section: There was one thing that disappointed me more than anything else about Big Music Fest Owen Sound: no cameras. On the website, it explicitly said that no cameras or recording devices were allowed, and when we arrived, there was also a big sign, but this time it said “no professional cameras or recording equipment allowed”. This angered me because I would have loved to take pictures using my point and shoot camera so that I could more readily remember the experience.

Now for what I can remember, before my poor memory sweeps the experience into nothingness.

It was hot and sunny, also I didn’t quite know where I was supposed to go. The Google map was less than helpful, and there weren’t any big signs, but instinct got me to the right place, though we parked a good ten minutes walking from the event, we still made it there before Matthew Good started playing.

After finding a place to sit on a small hill near a tree, Sabine applied some sun block on me, and we waited for the first performance of our evening to start. We drank our three dollars a bottle water, and prayed for a breeze. If the breeze had been more constant, or the day a few degrees less hot, then the whole experience would have been perfect, but as it was, we enjoyed ourselves.

I think I’ll stick to concerts where there are chairs though, as I am not much for sitting on the ground, or standing for hours on end.

Matthew Good wasn’t the best band of the evening, but it was a good way to get into the swing of things. The smell of marijuana was in the air, and behind me, I could hear some drunks in the walled beer garden being a bit rowdy, as Finger Eleven had just finished half an hour before.

After Matthew Good, we listened to Our Lady Peace, and for me that was the highlight of the evening. The sun went much lower in the sky before their performance was done, the breeze was a bit more constant and the music was really great. I made jokes about involving the audience saying “do your own job, that’s what we paid you for…” each time they tried to get the audience to sing in place of the lead vocalist.

After the Our Lady Peace, there was another break and then Hedley came on stage. I think this is who Sabine was most looking forward to see and hear, and she wasn’t alone. There wasn’t much room left as women pulled their boyfriends, husbands and dates closer to the stage. I have to admit that it was a good mix of high energy songs, and slower songs, many of which Sabine knew. As they wrapped up, people shuffled out, and the cool darkness of the evening had washed in. It was definitely refreshing, and nice as we walked back to the car.

For the price of admission, which we were told is going to the Owen Sound YMCA, the concert was well worth it. Even if it had been for any one of the bands playing, the fifty dollar ticket price was a steal. I am shocked that they didn’t easily sell out. Despite the heat, the uncomfortable ground, lack of shade, smell of pot, pricey water, and speakers pushed a little too loud, it was an amazing event and I highly recommend it.

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