Heroscape: More Fun at Lunch

So yesterday I talked about playing foosball at work during lunches at work, but another thing we do from time to time is play Heroscape. This is a newer addition to lunches, since one of my co-workers owns a big set of it, and I was willing to play. My office mate got dragged into playing as well, and as such, the three of us have played around half a dozen games of it thus far.

I think I’ve only won one of those games, but the experience has been interesting.

Unlike foosball, there is definitely a stigma attached to playing, and our co-workers make fun of us here and there for spending the time to basically play what amounts to a board game version of Dungeons and Dragons, but I think that’s because they haven’t played it yet.

There is strategy in selecting where you will place your army, and again on which figures you’ll draft into your team, and then again in choosing where they will go, especially in relation to the movements of the others in the game. It can be more complex than a game of chess. While it doesn’t have the depth of Warhammer 40,000, another tabletop game I used to play, it is easy to learn, fun to play, and definitely passes the time rather quickly. The only downside is that we can only play for around thirty minutes per day, and a single game can take as long as two weeks at that speed.

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