The Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend. I can’t believe how quickly it ended, despite some really slow parts here and there.

I made it to St. Thomas without any issue, and arrived to find that the house was mostly empty. I only had to help move a couple of car loads worth of stuff, and other than that, the moving out of the house was pretty much done. It seems that Sabine and her friend had already took the time to move the stuff to the storage she rented (since there is a two week gap between having to leave the house and her moving into her apartment).

After moving some stuff, we realized my car had a coolant leak. So I drove it to Canadian Tire, but it closed at 4pm on Saturday. This meant that I had to wait until Sabine got off work to be able to get back to St. Thomas. So from six in the evening until ten, I walked around the mall, until it closed, and then sat in the car watching movies on a portable DVD player until Sabine showed up.

I left my car at the Canadian Tire parking lot overnight, and then returned the next morning at 9:30am only to be told that it would be at least two hours before they could look at the car, and then it could take as long as two hours to find and repair the leak, as long as they had all the parts.

I walked around the mall again, and then read magazines until the car was repaired. Over two hundred dollars later, I was back on the road.

I picked up the cat, as Daisy will now be living with me, and then drove back to Walkerton. I stopped for some Arby’s, since that’s pretty much my favourite fast food treat, and there are none up here in Bruce County, and drove two and a half hours home with a very unhappy cat that squawked the whole way back.

Now, it is Monday morning. I feel like I didn’t have much of a weekend, but I ended up helping Sabine move, grabbed more of my stuff, brought home a cat, repaired part of my car, got a haircut, showed Sabine Avatar, and spent far more money than I had planned on spending.

Unfortunately, my muffler clip has rusted out, and I now have to get that repaired. I should really see about taking some vacation in August (which would be as soon as I am able).


Add Yours
  1. Stephanie

    Well, it doesn’t sound like it was THAT bad of a weekend.. =X And aww kitties! They rock. Plus provide someone to complain to. *grins* How are you feeling health wise, did that flu let up?

  2. David Peralty

    I can’t tell if I am better, or if it is just a temporary… I am still really stuffed up and my energy is pretty darn low. My throat isn’t raw anymore though, so while I am uncomfortable, I am not in any pain. 🙂 *bright side*

    And yeah, the moving was actually one of the least horrible parts of the weekend. Thank goodness she didn’t leave all the moving till I came down because even the little I had to do just wore me out (I blame being sick).

    Hope your weekend went okay.

  3. james peralty

    well im off for the month of August so you can always come down here, but we only have dial up so you cant do much but rest lol

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