Xbox 360 Slim

The new Xbox 360 announced today at E3 2010 looks amazing. Smaller form factor, nice lines, shiny black finish and that’s just on the outside. Inside it sports a 250GB hard drive, built-in WiFi, and a new CPU/GPU combo on a 45nm architecture (hopefully meaning that there will no longer be red rings of death).

I am actually due to get a new console. Sabine used up my previous Xbox 360 by using it for everything until it suffered from the red ring of death. I was going to buy an Elite, but now I think I’ll wait until I can pick up one of these new ones, not that I am in any rush. I don’t own a television, so any gaming would have to be on my LCD, and I don’t really have the room on my little printer stand of a desk to be hooking up an Xbox 360, much less the best gaming monitors.

But still… it looks amazing!

One response to “Xbox 360 Slim”

  1. It does look great doesn’t it? I own an elite, and haven’t had any RROD to deal with (fingers crossed), I also have a PS3, Wii, and a Nintendo DSi – when I saw the new Nintendo 3DS, well. Yeah, I want one of those too. Ah, what a long way we have come in this world of technology!

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