I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about the previous post about my job as a web developer. While I don’t always enjoy the job, and while some people get under my skin, overall, I work with some pretty great people.

I work in the wing with both HR and IT, as they are mashed together in one department. My boss, and bosses boss are amazing people, with personalities on what I’d consider different ends of the scale, but still both amazing.

The HR women are all very nice to me and welcoming. They’ve made my stay in Walkerton much more bearable, and have brought almost a sense of family to my life here.

The IT guys and woman are great as well. One specifically has a youthful geeky side that is really great. The other web developer for the County is someone I usually see eye to eye with. His skills in PHP are better than my own, but he’s always been super helpful and patient.

In the end, I don’t think I could keep working for the County if it wasn’t for the more than a dozen people that keep my spirits up, make my job easier, and my life better.

Jobs are all about the people you work with, and if I could move the people, and the job to somewhere like Ottawa, I think I would be much more happy, as the lack of any enjoyment in my personal life bleeds into my working life, making the whole experience harder than it should be.

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