Rule Change to Bring Back Passion

In the midst of talking to a good friend of mine, Tom Leroux, he mentioned that I buy and sell online projects like some people change their socks, and I had to agree with him, though since last talking to him, my philosophy of working online had changed.

I quickly presented him with my new set of rules.

  1. No more writing for other people.
  2. Only start projects that I can see myself doing for 5 or more years
  3. No more selling projects

Of course there are always exceptions to rules, but I think that following this set of ideals will help me become more passionate and successful online. I’ve always had issues with staying focused, and that was usually because I was chasing money instead of chasing passion or my dreams.

It is hard to be passionate for a long period of time, and even more so when you aren’t doing exactly what you want to be doing. I’ve had numerous people in the past tell me how cool it must be to work as a blogger full time, but they don’t give thought to the types of topics I have to cover in order to pay my wages. I’ve written about so many things I have no interest in, and worked very hard, only to end up at the end of a period of time with “nothing”.

What are your own “rules” for working, either online or offline?

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