Family Tree – It’s Over 3000!

As some of you know, I’ve been working on building out a family tree on My Heritage for a while now, and I’m happy to say that today it has tipped over the 3,000 people mark. Here are some facts for those that are interested. Out of 3002 people: 54% are male, and 46% are […]

Difficulty Emotionally Attaching

With baby B on the way, I find myself trying to get excited, but I’m having a difficult time. I think I’m trying to keep my distance, not think about the baby much in hopes that if things go wrong, I’ll feel less broken than I did when we lost Lily. Just the other day […]

You Should Draw Project – One Week In

So after launching, I tried to promote the site a little on DeviantArt and Reddit as well as finding other places where random inspiration tools are listed and I was able to get nearly 300 unique visitors from around the world to the site in the first seven days. I am pretty happy with […]

You Should Draw Project

Over the last two days, I’ve spent my evenings working on a quick project idea that I had called I enjoy watching Draw with Jazza on YouTube, especially his character design sessions where he comes up with random words to base his characters on and allows his audience to decide each piece via a […]

Who Do You Think You Are Rant

There is a show on TLC called Who Do You Think You Are, and it is probably the only show on that channel that gets me to tear up. The premise of the show is to take a celebrity and help them learn about their family history and genealogy. The celebrity travels from place to […]

Computer Accessibility

Having my mother-in-law live here for the last couple of weeks has definitely highlighted how horrible accessibility is in technology. My mother-in-law has a Blackberry Playbook as well as an Acer Chromebook. Neither device is completely intuitive for her to use, and all she does on the devices is: Listen to audiobooks Browse Facebook Watch […]

Childhood Memories: Red Octopus

Later in my high school years, both Barry and Brad, my closest friends, got their driver’s licenses. I would often head to Ottawa with them, around an hour away from home. One time, while Barry and I were at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre, we were approached by a woman and her cameraman. CHRO, one […]